Monday, January 25, 2010

I will help you up!

We went out for my brother Ben's birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BUDDY!!) dinner down in Ogden.. His little girl Lilly falls over.. and Rylee (Ben's other little girl) and Joshua came to her rescue! They were so eager to help her out! She just laid there smiling...They ended up laughing so hard that they could not get her up.. It was so funny.. We had a fun night of visiting with the family.. Good Food and Good Fun!

Psalm 124:8 "Our help is in the name of the LORD, who made heaven and earth."


Natalie said...

It was great! The kids are soooo cute and sweet together... And Josiah's kisses are from heaven! He is so sweet. I love kissing them goodbye, and seeing his little had waive in the air. lol It was great to see everone.. And I thought the pizza was yummy.

Corby Johnson said...

It was an awesome night with almost the whole family! Little ones are so fun to watch and get a laugh or two out of. They are just so loving to each other. Joshua is my little shadow, and Rylee is my Smiling Rylee, Lillie is just a silent angel, even though she does talk a lot. She does have those eyes...Thank you Ben for having a birthday worth celebrating. Life is good!

Mom and Dad

Love Everyone to the Moon
and Back...

Shannon said...

I love this picture, We are lucky that our kids can have cousins close to them so they can share these memories.....Life is so Good!!!!