Thursday, June 11, 2009

Long Time No Post!

Busy, Busy, Busy! Okay where to start. Jurney and Jaden have been at camp this week. I pick them up tomorrow! I miss them like crazy!
Me and Ryan have went on a couple of bike rides. Ryan pulls the babies along in this bike/stroller and I follow along. Last night we rode for 4 miles.. It was mostly up an incline, it was tough, but very rewarding! Jurney has been sick for a while now.. They found out that she has to have her gall bladder removed. We do this on Tuesday at the new Tremonton Hospital! That is all that I can think of for now.. I hope to write more very soon! Oh yeah.. The garden is looking great! I put in a second garden this year. I will have to do pictures soon for you.(when I get them weeded that is! )
DAD UPDATE! My dad is done with Hyperbarics! YEAH~Praise God. His wound is all better and closed up. He still has one wound that is healing nicely. (this one was caused by a doctor wrapping him to tight!) His ankle is healing and we see the doctor next week. he had to have surgery to have a fistula creation started in his left forearm. They do this when they know that you are going to start dialysis soon. My parents are going to be selling their house and moving out here so that I can help when they need me.

Psalm 84:12 "O LORD of hosts, blessed is the man that trusteth in thee."


Arizona Manwarings said...

You are such an awsome daughter, glad to see you back to posting

bestgrandma2u said...

I'm glad that you have done a new blog. I have missed looking at all the stuff you and your family are always doing. Well I did like the picture, and the story. Good job with your Dad. It has been a long hard road to be on.
Love Always


Mrs. Brasel said...

Glad to see you back at posting!
Enjoy the bike rides!! (Somebody has to hahahaha)

kittysmomster said...

Shelly...oh to have a daughter like you..but then, you ARE my daughter in Christ. Blessings to you.

Love in His Name,

Natalie said...

Ohh the boys are sooo cute in that pic..