Wednesday, April 29, 2009


This is my dad's use to be gangrene wound.. I know that this may look gross, but if you knew what it looked like to begin with .... you would think that it looks great as well! It is healing! YEAH!!! He went in for a skin graph last Tuesday. They also fixed his broken ankle while they were at it.. He is doing so well right now! I am personally praising God for how He has worked at saving my dad's leg. We seen the doctor Monday and he took out the staples and said that the skin has already taken. Wonderful! Praise be to God!
I have to tell you how good my dad is doing in other ways.. He is a diabetic. He has really never had his sugar under control. Well with a little trial and error and God's wonderful help... His sugars are in control! His weekly average is at 132! That is so close to being normal(non-diabetic)! My dad should be all better in a couple of months.. I am hoping that by the fall he will be able to return to work!
Psalms 107:8 "Oh that men would praise the LORD for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men!"


ryguyhansen said...

It has been very tricky to get his sugar under control one day its 120the next 300 and so on. However he has still been doing ALOT better and can see it is possible to have his sugar under control. We praise God.

Anonymous said...

Shelley you are the most amazing daughter. I know your Dad is so greatful for you and what you are doing for him. Reading that post just made me smile. :)

By the way, how's your resolution going?

Melinda said...

Praise the Lord! And praise your family for giving your Dad all the suport he needs!

Mrs. Brasel said...

Praise God! Your dad is truly seeing God at work.

bestgrandma2u said...

Hey everyone, We always knew that it would take a miracle of God to heal Lloyd's foot. I think that we have just seen one or two of them lately. He had to have more surgery today on his ankle. Naturally the emergency room was as inept as all the emergency rooms are. They let Lloyd die today from LOW BLOODSUGAR. They are very uneducated on the subject, why they are we do not know. Any way, God decided to let Lloyd live one more life. We have him back he did the surgery and all of God's little miracles happened just for us TODAY! Praise be to God!

Love God, and everyone else,
& grandpa2ofcourse

Natalie said...

This pic makes me want to vomit! What are those white dots??